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About Self Image Beauty

Welcome to Self Image Beauty! We are a studio and brand that offers esthetic services and lash training to enhance clients outer self image. We are dedicated to making a positive impact in the beauty industry. The mission of Self Image Beauty is to allow others to feel beautiful inside and out.

Hello! I am Shelley, I am a licensed Master Esthetician, 6 year Lash artist and Educator, business owner and beauty professional. I fell in love with leadership when getting introduced to entrepreneurship at 22 years old. This is why I created Self Image Beauty and SIB Academy because I have an avid love for empowering others to find their voice and grow personally and professionally. With 6 years of knowledge and wisdom in the beauty industry, pursuing the world of Lash Artistry and Business, I am eager to be sharing my practices with those ready to learn the art of Beauty Entrepreneurship.

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